Adam Highland HCB Internal Calibration Scales

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Adam HCB
  • Adam Highland HCB
$399.00 - $579.00




Adam Equipment Highland HCB Internal Calibration Scales

Recommended for: Scales accurate to 0.001g, scientific scales, reloading scales, powder scales, laboratory weighing
Capacities: As listed in model and pricing table below
Application Modes: Weighing, percentage, counting, accumulation
Weighing Units: Gram, pound, ounce, carat, grain, troy ounce, penny weight, Newton
Platform Size: As listed in model and pricing table below
Draft Shield: Supplied standard on all models
Display Type: 16mm LCD with blue backlight
Power Supply: AC adaptor (included), internal rechargeable SLA battery (included)
Construction: ABS housing with stainless steel weigh pan
Features: HandiCal internal calibration; weigh-below hook; RS-232 and USB interface; splash resistant keyboard
Options: In-use cover, carry case
Warranty: 2-year Adam Equipment warranty


Model Capacity Increment Platform Size Price
HCB-123 120g 0.001g 120mm Round $444.00
HCB-153 150g 0.005g 120mm Round $399.00
HCB-302 300g 0.01g 120mm Round $399.00
HCB-602H 600g 0.01g 120mm Round $444.00
HCB-1002 1000g 0.01g 120mm Round $489.00
HCB-2202 2200g 0.01g 120mm Round $579.00
HCB-602 600g 0.02g 120mm Round $399.00
HCB-1502 1500g 0.05g 120mm Round $399.00
HCB-3001 3000g 0.1g 120mm Round $399.00
HCB-6001 6000g 0.1g 145mm Round $444.00


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