CAS SW-1C Trade Verified Gram Scales*

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  • CAS SW-1C Trade Scales



Model: CAS SW-1C Trade Verified Gram Scales*
Recommended For: Trade scales, retail shop scales, market scales, scales for selling fruit and vegetables, bakery scales 
Capacities: As listed in model and pricing table below
Trade Approved: Yes
Application Modes: Weighing, basic counting
Weighing Units: Kilogram, gram
Platform Size: 230mm x 190mm
Power Supply: AC adaptor (included) 6'D' batteries (not included)
Display: Front and rear 25mm high-contrast LCD displays
Construction: ABS housing and weigh pan
Options: Stainless steel weigh pan, scoop platter
Features: Dual range weighing capacity; front and rear weight displays; comparator; in-use protective cover
Warranty: 1-year CAS Scales Australia warranty


Model Main Capacity Minor Capacity Platform Size Price
SW1C-2 2kg x 1g 1kg x 0.5g 230mm x 190mm $255.00
SW1C-5 5kg x 2g 2.5kg x 1g 230mm x 190mm $255.00
SW1C-10 10kg x 5g 4kg x 2g 230mm x 190mm $255.00
SW1C-30 30kg x 10g 15kg x 5g 230mm x 190mm $255.00

*Scale cannot be used for trade unless it has been verified pursuant to National Measurement Act 1960 

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