Ohaus Navigator NVL

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Ohaus Navigator NVL
  • Ohaus Navigator NVL
$311.00 - $374.00



Best Electronic Scales for Weighing Grams

Model: Ohaus Navigator NVL
Recommended for: Scales for weighing grams, weighing coffee doses, portion control, parts counting, laboratory scales
Capacities: As listed in model and pricing table below
Application Modes: Weighing, percentage, counting, check-weigh, display-hold, accumulation
Weighing Units: Kilogram, gram, pound, ounce, troy ounce, grain, carat, penny weight
Platform Size: 194mm x 203mm
Display Type: 20mm LCD with white backlight
Power Supply: AC adaptor (included), 4 'C' batteries (not included), internal rechargeable SLA battery (not included)
Construction: ABS housing with stainless steel weigh pan
  • Selectable weighing units
  • Splash resistant keyboard
  • Simple-to-use operation
  • Dual IR touch-less sensors
  • 400% overload protection
  • One-second stabilisation time
  • Menu lock-out switch
  • Up-front spirit level bubble
  • Adjustable skid-resistant feet
  • Integrated storage lock
  • In-use cover
  • 100-hour internal rechargeable SLA battery
  • USB interface
  • Ethernet kit
Warranty: 1-year Ohaus Australia warranty


Model Capacity Increment Platform Size Price
NVL-511 510g 0.1g 194mm x 203mm $311.00
NVL-1101 1100g 0.1g 194mm x 203mm $338.00
NVL-2101 2100g 0.1g 194mm x 203mm $356.00
NVL-5101 5100g 0.5g 194mm x 203mm $356.00
NVL-20000 20kg 1g 194mm x 203mm $374.00


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