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Cheap digital scales for weighing

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From time to time, we could all use a set of digital scales capable of fast weighing accurate down to 0.1g. Wouldn't it be handy to have set of cheap digital scales in the cupboard which you could quickly call on to weigh accurate to 0.1g?  A&D HT accurate scales deliver on performance, price and reliability. Available in capacities up to 5kg, with increments down to 0.1g, the A&D HT is a great choice at a great price. 

Best Buy Scales Accurate to 0.01g

If you're looking for accurate scales which won't break the bank, Adam CQT maybe the compact balance you're looking for. Not only does the Adam CQT deliver precision weights to 0.01g instantly and effortlessly the CQT is backed by an Adam Equipment 2-year scale warranty for added peace of mind. Incorporating Adam Equipment's patented overload [...]

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Digital weight scales for schools

The Adam CQT range of digital weighing scales deliver accurate weights without breaking the bank.  An ideal choice for school classrooms and science labs, the Adam CQT incorporates: Industrial ABS housing with stainless steel weigh pan; Straight-forward operation with dual color coded keys; ShockProtect overload system with anti-theft security slot; Stackable design for easy storage; Battery or AC adaptor operation. Starting from [...]

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Best platform scales for weighing

When it comes to platform scales, The Scale Shop Australia supplies only the best platform scales; We don't supply poor quality scales which won't last long. Just like you, we don't want the hassle of customers having to return faulty scales for warranty and repairs, its bad for business. If you are after a set [...]

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Adam DCT scales accurate to 0.1g

Need a set of portable digital scales which can weigh accurate to 0.1g but won't set you back a fortune? The Adam Dune DCT is one of the best buy digital scales on the market today. Starting from just $87.00, the Adam DCT is available in a range of capacities up to 5kg, with increments [...]

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Cheap scales can weigh accurate

Do you think you can buy premium quality digital scales weighing accurate to 0.1g for under $100? You can at The Scale Shop Australia. The Ohaus CL range of scales has been designed for the budget user wanting a general purpose instrument suitable for everyday weighing applications in the home, office, school or industrial factory. [...]

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Scales for weighing coffee doses

Our most popular scale for weighing coffee doses is without doubt the Ohaus Navigator NVL2101. Over the recent years we have sold hundreds of Ohaus Navigator NVL-2101 scales to coffee baristas across Australia. With its large stainless steel pans easily accommodating entire coffee handles, accurate weighing to 0.1g is quick and easy to achieve even [...]

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Weighing scales for counting parts

Still counting bulk quantities of nuts and bolts one at a time? Save your fingers, buy yourself a quality built Ohaus RC-31 counting scale. With its impressive 1:1,500,000 internal resolution, Ohaus RC-31 counting scales can accurately detect small, light weight items for precise counting results across a broad spectrum of sample weights and product items; from [...]

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Best scales for weighing boxes

Are looking for a reliable set of scales for weighing boxes without spending a fortune? Starting from just $249.00, the Adam CPW Series of platform scales are a popular choice with users across a wide range of industries, ranging from home users to industrial users requiring accurate floor scales for weighing boxes prior to shipping. [...]

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Ohaus V41 Weighing Scales On Sale

Tired of buying cheap trade verified weighing scales which just don't stand up to the rigours of industrial scales use? For just a few dollars more you can afford to buy one of the best trade gram scales on the market today. Constructed from tough ABS plastic & rated to IPX8, the Ohaus Valor 4000 [...]

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