About Us

The Scale Shop is a wholly owned subsidiary of Radalj Pty Ltd, based in Perth, Western Australia. 

Radalj Pty Ltd has been actively involved in the Australian weighing industry since 1991. During that time, Radalj Pty Ltd has developed its enviable commercial reputation based upon trust, quality and pride in workmanship. Our clients extend from the local small retail business to multi-national companies who depend upon their weighing scales as a core part of their business operations.

Radalj Pty Ltd is the holder of Servicing Licence SL-0323 issued pursuant to the National Measurement Act 1960.

Corporate Information

ACN: 130 386 373

ABN: 23 130 386 373

Office Address: 28 Eversley Street Balcatta WA 6021 

The Scale Shop is a dedicated online store.