Best platform scales for weighing

When it comes to platform scales, The Scale Shop Australia supplies only the best platform scales; We don't supply poor quality scales which won't last long. Just like you we don't want the hassle of customers having to return faulty scales for warranty and repairs, its bad for business. If you're after a set of cheap platform scales for less than $100.00 we suggest you go onto auction sites and throw away your money there. If on the other hand you're prepared to spend a fraction bit more for something that will last, we can help.

At The Scale Shop Australia, we sell and recommend A&D, Adam Equipment and Ohaus platform scales. 

Our range covers most applications from general purpose freight or shipping scales use to trade verified industrial floor scales suitable for buying and selling goods pursuant to the provisions of the National Measurement Act 1960. 

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If you need help selecting the right scales for the job, don't hesitate to call us on 1300 335 727. We're here to help.

29th May 2018 The Scale Shop Australia